What I’m Reading

in reverie

As members of our local library we have access to many wonderful resources. One resource we use quite frequently is Hoopla. Hoopla is an online resource for audiobooks, ebooks, movies, tv shows and music. We have access to all of these sources through our local library’s account.

Recently I checked out the book The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss in audiobook format for our family to listen to together. We have been listening to it in the morning during breakfast and during lunch. I love that someone else is reading it to us so that I can have my hands free to do things like make meals, pick up clutter and just sit and listen to a good book.

This classic book first published in 1812 was at first a little difficult for my kids to get used to since the style of writing was different from that of more modern literature. After a chapter or two they have finally adjusted and are really enjoying the story.

We home school our kids so one teaching method I use during our read-aloud books is to have the kids (or me) jot down words that they hear but don’t know their meaning. Every so often I pause the book and ask 1) what is happening? and 2) are there any words we need to look up? It took a little while for the kids to start identifying words that they didn’t know and shout them out to me but they certainly have the hang of it now!

I have also been writing down all of the places and geographically important details that the author includes in this story. My intention in doing so is to assign the kids the project of drawing a map of the island the Swiss family is shipwrecked on after we complete the book and presenting it to the rest of us as a graphic display.

Through Hoopla the amount of time it will take to listen to the audiobook is just a bit over 12 hours. Since I used my cell phone to download the story through the online app we can listen to it anywhere even if there is no wi-fi. It is so convenient for us – it even bookmarks the location in the audio where we left off so all I need to do when we resume listening is press the play button. Simple!




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