Ultimate Anne of Green Gables Collection

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Ultimate Anne of Green Gables Collection

Anne of Green Gables fan get ready – the Ultimate Collection of Anne stories + many more great works written by L.M. Montgomery, the author of the Anne books are now available exclusively on Amazon.

The timeless stories, unforgettable characters and beautifully written prose are what make the Anne stories and other books by L.M. Montgomery so memorable. Maybe your first time reading them you were in middle school and became lost in the story – dreaming of being Anne’s best friend Diana? Or you felt angered by the taunting and teasing Gilbert Blythe poured out onto Anne? This is a common occurrence – once you read the Anne books you can’t help but be drawn into the story!

** BONUS **  Included with the Anne collection is a free e-book just for you if your purchase through Amazon! The free ebook, Secret Garden Crafts, 10 Nature Inspired Crafts, provides readers with an inspiring craft project that uses natural materials to enhance the stories they read in classical literature. For example, Anne is often referred to as “Carrots” by Gilbert Blythe in the Anne books – the free craft book has a fun project where you make a carrot bunting! I find that this method is a great way to engage young readers so that the stories they read are brought to life through simple crafts projects.

Get your copy of the Ultimate Anne of Green Gables Collection today – only on Amazon!




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