What I’m Reading

Check out World’s Best Life Hacks on hoopla digital.

https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/11808662 #hoopladigital

Have you ever read an ebook through Hoopla? Maybe you haven’t heard of Hoopla before? Hoopla I’d an online service that provides a variety of movies, e-books, audio books, comics music and television shows to watch , read or listen. I signed up through our local library using my library card.

There is a limit to the quantity of items you can check out in a month but it is free for me since I use the library’s account. 

So last night I thought I would browse the ebook section and find something interesting to read. I ended up reading “World’Best Lifehacks, 200 Ingenious Ways To Use Everyday Objects” by Sarah Devos. 

Sarah,the author states right off the bat that all 200 hacks were tested multiple times by her to make sure they worked and were legitimate. She also mentions a few hacks that we have probably all heard of like hollowed out half an orange used for a candle, eucalyptus in the shower for a nice sauna scent, but the author says these hacks are bunk, they don’t work. It a hack doesn’t work she doesn’t include them in the book. 

Also included are simple step by step instructions to follow if you want to use any of the ideas presented. The pictures also help show how to use the idea or the actual helpful purpose of the hack. 

This is a quick read with some useful ideas. I learned a few things by reading it like putting your phone on airplane mode actually helps it charge faster. I’m going to have to give this one a test run myself!

So if you are looking for some handy, useful ideas this book is one I recommend. Almost all of the hacks presented within this book use everyday household items we all have laying around our homes. Go ahead give it a try! Happy hacking!


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