The Adventures Of Captain Horn


Adventure, Pirates, Gold and Romance! Set Sail with Captain Horn on this exciting adventure

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The Adventures of Captain Horn

Now available on Amazon and as a Nook Book e-book! This is a wonderful story full of adventure, hidden treasure, pirates and romance. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do.

Adventure begins in the spring of 1884 as Castor, the three-masted schooner from San Francisco, slams into a storm off the coast of Peru on its way to Valparaiso. The fierce storm rose with frightful suddenness leaving the Castor a helpless wreck. The helpless vessel is left rolling in the trough of the violent sea with her snapped-off masts, shattered rudder-post and spars thumping and pounding her sides. Grave danger lurks at every turn for the survivors who soon learn they are not alone on this unsettled coast of Peru. The discovery of hidden Inca gold quickly turns this desperate situation into one the greatest treasure hunts of all time!

** Bonus Material Included** (with purchase)

Included at the beginning of the book is a detailed author’s biography. At the end of the book there is an informational study guide to assist the modern reader in grasping the importance of the unique settings and other era specific happenings that were relevant then but have little to no relevance today. It may help you enjoy this book more if you read the informational study guide prior to starting the story.

Shop for the book at Barnes & Noble here: The Adventures Of Captain Horn (Annotated) by E.M. Evans, Frank R. Stockton | | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Shop for the book at Amazon.


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