The Secret Garden

Available on Amazon Kindle Books:

The Secret Garden: Annotated: Including the Secret Garden Themed Craft Book Kindle Edition


Children’s classic telling how a secret garden changes the lives of those who learn its secret

*Bonus Material Included – Secret Garden Themed Craft Book!

The Secret Garden has been a beloved classic since it was first published in 1911. This charming story is a must-read for children and adults. Mary Lennox, a spoiled child living with her parents in India suddenly finds herself a sullen orphan who is sent to the dour moors of Yorkshire to live with her only remaining kin. Lonely, spoiled Mary explores the manor, finding all sorts of hidden secrets, curious companions and an abandoned garden. This lonely girl’s life is transformed when she finds the key to the secret garden.

Digitized edition (Kindle-friendly and great for kids!). 
• A neat table of contents (TOC) for faster page-turning experience.
• Fonts have been optimized and tested for display on Kindle and other e-readers
• This is the complete and unabridged edition of the original text.


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